March in Books

Time for the monthly reading recap: I only read four books, what with the paper writing, breaks in uni are worse for reading than the usual workload during the semester. At least I managed to read two books during my one week holiday. Come to think of it, four books isn’ t that bad, it used to be my normal amount before the book bloging community messed with my tbr list! 🙂

I reviewed Nicole Krauss’ Man Walks Into A Room here and Daisy Sisters by Henning Mankell here. I enjoyed both Carter Beats the Devil and The Big Sleep a lot, will post the reviews soon.

I did make up for not reading a lot by buying a lot. I couldn’t resist any bookstore in London (I think I went into every store in central London at least twice), everything was in English! 😀 The choice of English books in Germany is not too bad I guess, at least when compared to the small amount of foreign language books that you can find in England, but it was too good to resist. Money and the allowed baggage weight kept me from emptying the stores though.

Plus Carter Beats the Devil which I don’ t have here right now. I’m reading The Dud Avocado at the moment and it’s a lot of fun! I’m hoping The Solitude of Prime Numbers lives up to the hype, it’s been on my list for a while, as has The Reluctant Fundamentalist. I hope Sophie Dahl inherited some of her grandfather´’s talent, the cover is cute enough. Mathilda Savitch was an impulse buy (Waterstone’s compared it to What Was Lost which I loved), has anyone read this yet?

What was your reading month like?

17 thoughts on “March in Books

  1. 4 books isn’t bad at all! With all the free time I’ve had this month, I’ve only managed 1! But I’m gonna try to do better! :p

  2. Ich flieg nächste Woche für 4 Tage nach London, allerdings nur mit 10kg Handgepäck… WAAAH! Irgendwelche Tipps wo man was gesehen haben und in welchem Laden man gewesn sein muss?

    1. Super, wünsch dir viel Spaß! Okay, Handgepäck ist problematisch. Kannst dich ja trotzdem in Waterstone´s und Charing Cross Road wagen, wenn du Disziplin hast. Tipps, hmmh, was hast du denn schon so gesehen? Also abgesehen von den üblichen sights: Die Portrait Gallery zeigt im Moment Irving Penn´s Werke, im Criterion läuft The 39 Steps, das lustigste play überhaupt (geh um 7 abends hin und du bekommst ne Karte für nur 15 Pfund). Zum shoppen natürlich Portobello Rd, Primark 🙂 Pflichtmusical: Wicked! Kino Dienstags für nur 3,50 in Notting Hill, . . .

  3. I think four books is a pretty good effort when you have a big uni workload. 🙂 It looks like you got a good haul of book shopping in this month too.

  4. I have The Solitude of Prime Numbers lined up as well. I’m curious to see what I think of it: Some people seem to love it, others are severely dissapointed by it.

    I hope Sophie Dahl’s book is better than her “The Man with the Dancing Eyes”. I bought that one, because I had heard about her and the cover looked cute as well, but it was dissapointing to me.

    1. I´ll try not to start The Solitude with too many expectations, hopefully I´ll be pleasantly surprised :)I´m not expecting anything grand from Sohie Dahl, but I hope it will at least be a nice story for a rainy day.

  5. Sigh, aren’t baggage allowances tragic? 😛 I think I’d have emptied every bookstore in London too if not for that. I’m very curious about The Dud Avocado – the little Virago apple is enough to intrigue me!

    1. Haha, they are tragic! 🙂 I´m having a lot of fun with The Dud Avocado, it reminds me of Holly Golightly´s party in the film, lots of chaos, clumsiniess and desperate seizing the day.

  6. Four books is pretty good! I read only 3 books in March.

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Bina. In my opinion it doesn’t live up the hype (the hype it got here, at least!), I was a bit disappointed but I admit I’d had very high expectations.

    1. I´ll definitely try to lower my expectations for The Solitude of Prime Numbers. I´m hoping to get to it soon 🙂

  7. I think four books in March is pretty good! ‘The Solitude of Prime Numbers’ is such a fascinating title! Looking forward to reading your review of it.

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much I only read four books in March as well, the month started really and then I started my new job which seemed to sloooow everything down. Just been too tired to read lol.

    1. A lot of book bloggers are really intimidating with the numbers of books they can read! But 4 books used to be normal for me so I guess it´s okay. You´ll probably get used to your job soon and then devour lots of books! 🙂

  9. I think you were very restrained – I’d have bought far more books if I lived somewhere where English ones weren’t readily available!

    Approach The Solitude of Prime Numbers as if it is a light YA book and you’ll enjoy it – I think the problem comes when you think it is a deeper book.

    I really enjoyed The Reluctant Fundamentalist – I hope you enjoy your new books!

    1. Haha, thanks. My restraint was only due to baggage allowance and money shortage!

      I´ll try very hard not to expect great literature form Prime Numbers. But it really was promoted as serious fiction and not YA, no wonder people resent it.

      Glad you enjoyed The Reluctant Fundamentalist. I´m very curious about his one.

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