Excited for … (pt. II)

Maybe 2012 won’t be so bad after all, book-wise at least. Alison Bechdel’s new comic, Are you my mother?, comes out May 1! I loved Fun Home, that is, I really enjoyed it and then spent three weeks with it for a paper and went from mildly to wildly enthusiastic about it. That’s close reading for ya! (and how fun would it be to write a paper comparing these two memoirs!??)

As Fun Home was all about Alison’s relationship with her father, queering the modernist canon and making the case for the comics medium I’m very excited to see what she will do with Are you my mother?. We got glimpses of her mother before, but always in relation to Alison and her father. Still, she was portrayed as an actress and English (I think) student and that together with the subtitle, a comic drama, makes me hope that Bechdel will once again drawn on literature to represent her family.

Will you be reading this one?

14 thoughts on “Excited for … (pt. II)

  1. Even if I hadn’t been planning to read this, I totally would just for the title. Every time I see it I will think “YOU are not my mother! YOU are a Snort!”

    1. Ahahaha, finally a chance to get out the Eastman quote! 😀 It would be awesome beyong words if Bechdel actually used that line!

  2. One of my friends who is a graphic novel lover raves about Alison Bechdel. Now that a new book by Bechdel is going to come out, I think I should get started on her works 🙂 I want to read her memoir on her dad first before trying to read this. Thanks for writing about Bechdel’s new book. Hope you are able to get this on the first day and are one of the first readers to read it 🙂 Happy Reading!

    1. Definitely read Fun Home first, it’s really amazing and the more time you spend on it, the better it gets. It even made me want to give Joyce another go 😀 I’m considering a pre-order!

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